Top 10 Drupal SEO modules to optimize your website

SEO as we all know is very important for a website's success. If your site is poorly or not optimized for search engines then users may not be able to find your website easily which can affect your business a lot.

Drupal has some fantastic modules to help you optimize your website for search engines.

1. Metatag

Metatag as the name suggests is a module to add meta tags for your site content. Metatags like meta descriptions, meta keywords, etc can be configured to be added automatically based on the node fields or it can be added/updated manually while creating/editing nodes. Metatag not only supports generic meta tags but it also supports Open graph meta tags, twitter cards, etc that allow control of how the content should appear when it is shared on social platforms.

2. Pathauto

By default, drupal nodes have path in the form of /node/[nid] which are not that much search engine friendly. Pathauto allows site administrators or users with appropiate roles to define url alias patterns and based on these patterns, it automatically creates search engine friendly urls based on content.

3. Global redirect

Global redirect module makes sure that a drupal page is only accessible via one url by redirecting to the correct url.

4. Redirect

Redirect helps to redirect an existing URL to another one

5. XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap module creates a sitemap that conforms to the specification. This helps the search engine to more intelligently crawl a website. It also helps to get your site indexed sooner.

6. Page Title

The Drupal default title is rendered by the node. Page Title allows you to take control of the node, and creates whatever title name you want. You can also use pattersn to auto generate page title.

7. Search 404

Search 404 is a very helpful module in case of 404 errors. If the user happens to land on a page that no longer exists on the site then this module will do a search for content based by using keywords from the url that caused 404 error. 

8. Link Checker

Link checker extracts link from content when it is saved or updated and periodically checks for broken links and provides a report.

9. SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist checks your website for proper search engine optimization using Drupal SEO best practices.

10. Tag Clouds

As the name suggests, this module creates a tag cloud - list of tags based on the taxonomies of your site.

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