Top 10 starter themes for drupal developers

I always prefer to use a basic starter theme from and then adapt it as per the client needs because it saves a lot of time and i personally don't think that there is a need to create themes from scratch unless ofcourse if clients insist. So, if you are a drupal developer then you will find these themes very useful.

Choose from one of the themes below and get started on your new drupal site!


Bootstrap integrates Twitter Bootstrap framwork into drupal. It is a base theme using which subthemes can be created.


  • CDN option for bootstrap files.
  • Responsive out-of-the-box
  • SEO-friendly 
  • Based on Bootstrap framework

Basic provides a clean HTML5 structure with extensible CSS classes and ID's for unlimited theming possibilities.


  • Responsive out-of-the-box
  • SASS ready with Bourbon mixin library
  • SEO-friendly 
  • Easy to modify layouts

Framework is a blank canvas for theme developers. Framework can be used as a starting point to help facilitate your theme development. It can be used if you don't want to remove unnecessary code every time or reinvent the wheel. This theme does not provide out-of-the-box responsive feature but it uses HTML 5 structural markup and can be easily made responsive by using media queries.


Yet another blank canvas for drupal themers.


  • Responsive out-of-the-box
  • Cross-browser compatible

An standards compliant, accessible and semantically rich starter theme. Genesis is easy to theme yet extremely flexible, giving you endless theming possibilities.


A powerful theme framework designed from the ground up to power modern, cross browser/cross device websites using responsive design techniques.


A powerful, yet simple, HTML5 starting theme with a responsive, mobile-first grid design.


The Stark theme was recently added to Drupal 7. Its a blank canvas and uses Drupal’s default HTML markup and CSS styles.

TB Nucleus

A base theme developed by ThemeBrain. It is very flexible, simple and fast for developers and users to speed up the process of developing a custom Drupal theme.


It is described as the uber "clean up this html that Drupal provides" theme, so if you want to make any sense of this then use it as a parent theme!