5 drupal administration themes that will make your Admin backend shine!

Drupal 7 and higher drupal versions have a pretty decent admin theme named "Seven" by default but when there are some contributed administration themes that will make your admin section look even better, who wouldn't want to use them? Lets have a look at those themes!


Adminimal is based on the original "Seven" theme. It is one of the popular contributed administration theme for Drupal and its Drupal 8 ready!


  • Responsive out-of-the-box
  • Up to 3 column main content
  • Colored buttons for common tasks like Submit (Green button), Preview (Blue button), Delete (Red button).
  • Table highlighting

Rubik is a clean admin theme. It uses a set of icons for admin pages provided by Drupal core and aggressive styling to reduce visual noise wherever possible.



  • Responsive out-of-the-box
  • Multi-Column layout
  • Clean and modern look

Shiny is a responsive Drupal administration theme. It is the default admin theme in drupal commerce kickstart profile.



  • Sass
  • Compass (for css snippets)
  • Susy (for grids)
  • Sassy buttons (for buttons)