Best Drupal slideshow modules

Slideshows are great to show a list of featured content or images in an interactive way.

Here is a list of best drupal slideshow modules

Views slideshow

Views slideshow is a drupal contrib modulethat means it is fully free to use. It can be used to create a slideshow of any content (not just images) that can appear in a View. It is powered by jQuery and is heavily customizable.

Mega Slider

MegaSlider is a responsive slider module with touch-swipe navigation. You can add text, image or video to your slider. With a friendly admin user interface and power timeline manager, MegaSlider is highly customizable slider for Drupal 7.


Flex Slider module integrates the Flex Slider library with Drupal and several contributed modules which allows you to build responsive, resizable slideshows. 

Field slideshow

Field slideshow module is a very lighweight and easy to use module. It provides a slideshow formatter for image fields and uses jQuery cycle plugin.

Dynamic display block

Dynamic display block slideshows are mainly used to showcase featured content at a prominent place on the frontpage of the site in an attractive way.